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Customized Behavior-Based Programming for Children with Autism, Behavior Disorders, and Other Special Needs

Educational Consulting Service (ECS) provides behavior-based therapy to children with special needs using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). At ECS, we believe that all children are capable of learning. Our goal is to teach your child functional skills that foster independence and allow them to reach their fullest potential.

The mission of Educational Consulting Service is to help young children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental delays become as independent as possible. We work with your child teaching them to be socially involved with their peers, as well as contributing members of their schools, their families, and society.

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Through our cooperative teams of therapists and consultants, your child will likely increase their skills in areas like language, play and behavior management.   

Contacting Us

If you would like more information about ECS and how we can serve your family, contact us through any of the information below. Together we will assess your child’s needs and discuss how our services can benefit your unique situation… all in the comfort of your own home.** Don’t wait, contact ECS today!

**Initial meetings are a FREE service offered by ECS to new families.

Educational Consulting Service, L.L.C.
Greenville, SC 

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