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Educational Consulting Service, L.L.C.
For Clients:
Does my child qualify for your services?

  • Diagnosis of asperger’s, autism, pervasive developmental disorder, or other related developmental delay
  • No other concurrent medical condition that interferes with learning (e.g. blindness, hearing impairment, uncontrolled seizures, Rett’s disorder, Fragile X, etc.) 
  • Less than 4 years old, although we will consider older children on a case-by-case basis.
Is there a consultant in my area?

  • We provide services to residents in the Southeast, within a reasonable traveling distance from Greenville, SC.  Please call us to see if we provide services in your area.  See Fees and Services page for information on costs associated with travel.

Can my child be involved in other therapies while in your program?

  •  Yes.  Many children are involved in other type therapies, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, and diet interventions.  We do suggest that you only start one therapy at a time so that you can be sure which therapy is causing the changes in your child.  We also suggest that you look at the research behind the therapy.  The therapy should have proof of a controlled research study on its effectiveness.  The study should be long-term and should be replicated by others in that field.  Many times it is easy to hear another child’s success and assume that your child will have the same outcomes.  You can waste precious time and money by “jumping on the bandwagon” of the latest therapies out there.
Will my child recover?
  • We cannot tell you if your child will recover.  We can tell you how well your child is doing in the program.  For example, we can tell how fast they are moving and where they are in the program, but there is no way to predict a child’s outcome.  Our goal is for each child to become as independent as possible and to make maximum progress in the program.  The majority of children will still have some characteristics of autism and will probably need some assistance throughout life, but they will have many more functional skills than if they had not received behavioral interventions.  We recommend you be very suspicious of any one who claims to have a miracle cure for autism.  Educating a child with autism requires a great amount of work and a high level of commitment from everyone involved.
  •  In order to track progress, we offer a one-hour free consultation every six months to discuss goals for your child.  This is a time for us to hear what you, as parents, would like to see for your child, and for us, as consultants to give you a glimpse into our future direction.  We make sure that we are all in agreement and working towards the same goals.  Our goals are based on assessments and observations of your child in every environment.

For Employees:
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