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Educational Consulting Service, L.L.C.
Skills we teach...

    • Speech, Language, and Communication 
    • Play Skills 
    • Self-Help Skills 
    • Overall Adaptive Behavior 
    • Reduce/Eliminate Maladaptive Behaviors

    ECS provides behavior-
based consulting services for children on the autism spectrum
as well as other developmental delays. Our consultants guide a team of specially chosen
therapists in working with your child in your own home. Each therapist encourages your child
by using fun motivators to teach speech and language, self-help skills, play skills, academics, 
and behavior management. 
We teach these concepts by breaking down the learning process into tiny steps and reinforcing your child’s success along the way.

Our Staff

Tina Salter is the Administrative Director and Consultant Trainer. Tina started working with children with autism in 1995 as a teacher and an ABA therapist. She later worked as a shadow aide and lead therapist before becoming a consultant. Tina’s first consulting experience was under the direction of Dr. Barbara Metzger at Autism Research Center. She started at ECS in 2002.  Tina is currently pursuing her certification in behavior analysis.

Additionally, we have lead therapists and line therapists on our different teams; each of whom have been trained by qualified ECS staff members.

Check out the Meet the Staff page to find out more about our lead therapists and administrative staff.


We are looking for energetic, creative, and enthusiastic individuals to provide education and treatment in a home setting for children with autism using Applied Behavior Analysis. 

ABA Consultants

Our consultants:

  • Educate families, caregivers, and/or service providers concerning strategies and techniques to assist the child in behavior reduction and skill acquisition.
  • Assess child’s skills using ABLLS and various other assessment tools.
  • Perform functional assessments
  • Write behavior support plans
  • Provide ongoing treatment plan updates and reports as required by contracting agencies.


Applicants must have one to three years in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (fewer years required with higher degree and certification). Most of this experience should include being a lead therapist and a shadow aide in home-based ABA programs with children with autism.


Preferred certification: BCBA or BCABA. Those currently seeking certification will be considered also.


ECS provides intensive behavioral intervention for children with autism. We provide home-based programs in which we train the therapists and parents in the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Our caring and well-qualified management team has over 20 years experience in the growing field of ABA.

Competitive salary and benefits to be discussed at interview. Salary range dependent

upon experience, knowledge of ABA and autism, education level, and certification.


Please submit the following to


  • Curricula vita
  • An educational/behavioral testing evaluation (such as the ABLLS)
  • An educational program with graphs/data and progress updates
  • A Behavior Support Plan to include a Functional Assessment which you have written and
  • implemented for an individual with a Pervasive Developmental Disorder
  • Proof of number of years worked in supervised line therapy, lead therapy, and consulting with children with autism; Proof of number of years total worked in the field of applied behavior analysis.
ABA Lead Therapists
  • At least 500 hours of supervised line therapy experience in a child’s home working on skills such as play, self-help, adaptive behaviors, and language, using the techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Worked under the supervision of a lead therapist and consultant.
  • A bachelor’s degree in behavior analysis, education, psychology, or special education


  • Weekly monitor the effectiveness of the EIBI plan
  • Create graphs containing analyzed data
  • Implement behaviorally based therapy models consistent with best practices and research on effectiveness, for children with Pervasive Developmental Disorder to include autism and Asperger’s disorder.
  • Provide guidance to and supervision of the Line Therapists; Educate family, caregivers and/or service providers concerning strategies and techniques to assist the child in behavior reduction and skill acquisition
  • Receive family/caregiver feedback
  • Assure coordination and continuity with other programs and services
  • Meet with director and consultant for ongoing training and supervision  

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Contact Information:
Director: Tina Salter
(864) 349-1202
Fax: 1-877-551-8536

Educational Consulting Service, L.L.C.
3 Keith Ave.
Greenville, SC 29611

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