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Why Choose ECS?

Is Our Approach Appropriate For Your Child?

We strongly suggest that you consider all types of services available for your young child with autism.  Evaluate those services and the qualifications of the providers and select the service that you feel is appropriate for your child and family.  All parents of a child with autism are strongly encouraged to educate themselves concerning the level of commitment required to implement an intervention successfully.

We believe that all children, regardless of disability, are capable of learning.  It is our responsibility to find the best methodology and curriculum to promote that learning.  We believe skills should be functional for the child and, once learned in a controlled setting, should be generalized into daily life.  We believe this education should be comprehensive and address social, play, language, academic, physical, and self-help skills, as well as behavior management.  

The teaching environment is structured to make learning a positive, rewarding experience for the child in order to maximize learning.  This is accomplished by using simple language, prompting correct responses, and reinforcing appropriate behaviors.  Each learning task is analyzed and broken into smaller steps.  These small steps are then taught to the child. 

Reflect on the challenges of implementing this
type of a program:

  • You should expect to run a program for 40 hours a week for a minimum of two to three years.  Some programs may run longer than this, some shorter.
  • Since the majority of the program takes place in your home, therapists will be in and out of your house all day.  This results in a loss of privacy and some family time.
  • Although our rates are lower than most providers in the area, you can expect to spend $1500 to $3000 per month for consulting fees, therapist salaries, and supplies.

What qualifications should I look for in a consultant?

        There are many kinds of certification that are appropriate for a consultant.  While some consultants come from a psychological background, others come from an educational background.  Consultants could be licensed psychologists, certified behavior analysts, behavior therapists with school districts, or special educators.  Certification does not equal experience.  A newly graduated college student could become certified in one of these areas, but have no experience to back up the certificate.  You should consider not only certification, but also the depth of experience the consultant has had with a wide range of children.  A consultant should have a minimum of two years experience as a therapist with several different children who have progressed at different rates and are at different stages in the curriculum.  They should have experience as a lead therapist, school shadow aide, and peer play facilitator.  They should be exceptional therapists who love children and are enthusiastic about seeing their progress.  They should also have experience in analyzing behavior and writing programs, preferably under the mentorship of a certified behavior analyst.

        ECS has over 25 years of combined experience in working with children with autism spectrum disorders.  This experience has been in the home as therapist, in the classroom as teacher and shadow aide, and as consultant to many different types of children.  Tina Salter worked as a consultant for several years under the supervision of a psychologist who had studied behavioral interventions with Dr. Ivar Lovaas.  All of our consultants are currently pursuing certification in behavior analysis under the supervision of a board-certified behavior analyst.  Our behavioral intervention technique is unique, based on our experiences with Lovaas, verbal behavior, and classroom education.  We are not wed to one approach; instead we try to find what works best for your child and develop a program that is tailored for them.  Our techniques are all based on solid research in the field of behavioral analysis and education. 

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